Barnham Book Club

Season Two: East of Eden

Big Ed Barnham and Summer America Barnham live in Portland, Oregon where they love whiskey, pie, singing, theatre, cats, independent bookstores, and reading. They love these things so much that they formed a book club  and a web series around them.

Ep.8 Paper Doll Theatre

This might be the strangest…we don't quite know what this…episode…just watch it. Also, no one was harmed in the making of this episode.

Ep.8 Resource Guide

By Big Ed Barnham

This episode almost didn't happen.

Mel Torment had the fellas run through several rehearsals before Mormon Mitch and Josh left in a huff - that's how angry they were with Mel. I stepped in as Vronsky, and Wally took the part of Anna. I'm no actor, and this is some intense...I did a vocal warmup and some stretching for this one. I think I need some acting lessons.

Anyway, this episode has some very rough edges. Please watch carefully.

Also, a cat bit me on the wrist, and it's swollen up…my wrist, not the cat. It hurts enough that this week's resource guide is…well, this is it.


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