Barnham Book Club

Season Two: East of Eden

Big Ed Barnham and Summer America Barnham live in Portland, Oregon where they love whiskey, pie, singing, theatre, cats, independent bookstores, and reading. They love these things so much that they formed a book club  and a web series around them.

Ep.6 Podcasts 'n art

Kenny Calisota finds himself all alone in this episode, and he manages to conduct a meaningful bookclub meeting. He also reveals some personal news, and shares his creativity.

Ep.6 Resource Guide

By Big Ed Barnham

Summer's away recording a fiction podcast this week, which is a pretty good opportunity for me to dive into some of the podcasts I've been known to listen to regularly or on sporadic occasion.


KCRW's Bookworm is a regular listen for me, mostly because something about Michael Silverblatt's voice takes me to a place that feels like public radio of the 1970s...when I would have been a kid listening to public radio in my allergist's office in Newport, Kentucky. Not that Michael Silverblatt was on the radio then, it's just the feeling I have when I listen to him. That's an odd reason to like a podcast…wait…not it isn't. It's a perfect reason to like a podcast. He also has great conversations that delve into every aspect of reading, writing, and storytelling.

Okay that's really the extent of my book podcast listening; there's just too much stuff out there for the ear. That said, a local podcast I've been giving a listen lately is Go Away, I'm Reading.


Since Kenny shares some of his art in this episode, he's another piece of art I found while reading and researching Anna Karenina. It's Keira Knightley as Anna by Vasilly Ist using charcoal, mechanical pencil, and a white gel pen.

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