Barnham Book Club

Season Two: East of Eden

Big Ed Barnham and Summer America Barnham live in Portland, Oregon where they love whiskey, pie, singing, theatre, cats, independent bookstores, and reading. They love these things so much that they formed a book club  and a web series around them.

Ep.10 Meaning

Well, we're down to just two members in attendance for our finale. Thanks for being with us over these ten episodes.

Ep. 10 Resource Guide

By Big Ed Barnham

Howdy folks,

No resource guide this week, but a bit of news…Summer America Barnham's Book Club for Ladies has been awarded the "Best Web Series" prize for the 2016 Oregon Independent Film Festival. The festival runs September 20-26, but winners are announced in adavnce.

We'll see you on the red carpet.


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